Frost Shades is ready to become the nation’s leading window tinting franchise

Windows light up our world, but a window in the wrong spot can also bring enormous problems.

We’ve all experienced a problem with windows, from a bathroom with zero privacy, to a conference room in a bustling office, to ruined furniture after long-term exposure to sunlight, to a relative who cannot experience direct sunlight because of a health condition. The list goes on and on.

Frost Shades exists to help home and property owners solve these problems once and for all. As the nation’s only franchise brand specializing in residential and commercial window tinting, Frost Shades provides beautiful, custom, and affordable solutions that drastically improve the look and feel of a property. In turn, our customers’ quality of life is improved.

“Frost Shades has so many opportunities because it solves so many different problems,” says Leo Goldberger, CEO and founder of Frost Shades. “Some people need us because there’s too much glare in their house. Others need it to protect against UV rays. Some just want privacy, and some want to reduce their electric bills every month. That’s just on the residential side. On the commercial side, there’s conference rooms, storefronts, office doors, and more. The demand is unbelievable in this industry.”


A simple business model allows you to grow your business fast

Frost Shades was founded to help as many entrepreneurs succeed in the home services industry as possible. Because of this, our startup costs are low, the ongoing operating costs are low, and our business model is designed to be simple, efficient, and maximize profitability. All you need to get started is a van, our equipment, two-days of hands-on training, and a cell phone. That’s it.

“This is such a simple business to run,” Goldberger says. “The beauty of this business is that it’s a business that millions of people need, but it’s more like a 9-5 job. The majority of home services brands are emergency-based. A plumber wakes up at midnight if he or she gets a call. A water damage business is on call 24/7. This business is scheduled, so you can have great work/life balance and own a great business at the same time.”

One of the Frost Shades business model’s best features is how fast our jobs can be completed. A window-tinting job in a home or office building can be done in less than an hour, which means you can schedule multiple appointments in one day and drive profitability. Because Frost Shades specializes in window tinting services and offers affordable pricing, our customers see the value in what we do.

“Our jobs are quick, and there are terrific profit margins because the costs of goods are so low,” Goldberger says. “Our customers love us because we’re affordable. It’s not like they have to spend $18,000 to fix a deck. They can hire us for a few hundred bucks, and can have the solution they want on the same day. Because there’s so much demand, franchise owners have the opportunity to dominate their markets and operate a business designed for profitability and growth.”

You won’t do it alone

You may think, “I don’t have any experience in window tinting,” but with Frost Shades, you don’t need it. We provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to help you master every aspect of our business model.

We teach you everything you need to succeed:

How to apply our custom window solutions

Using our equipment

How to sell your services

Using our technology to operate your business

Effective marketing

And much, much more!

We also provide ongoing training and support to ensure that you’re meeting your goals and continue professional development to help you grow as an entrepreneur.

“The only reason I started this business is to help entrepreneurs become successful,” Goldberger says. “Your success is what drives me, and it’s the only thing that I’m concerned with as a franchisor. We give all the support and resources you need to succeed in this business, but you have to want it. If you’re hungry and want to hustle, if you want to improve your life, then investing in a Frost Shades franchise is the right choice.”

Ready to invest in a Frost Shades franchise?

To learn more about the Frost Shades franchise opportunity, fill out an inquiry form, and begin a conversation. We can’t wait to help you realize your dreams of owning a home services business!

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