Our Mission

We believe franchise ownership is the best way for you to participate in the economy at your full market value. When you have a job, you abdicate what happens to you to someone else and you become trapped in someone else’s plan. We believe in helping people start and grow amazing low-cost franchises that give you the flexibility to achieve your dreams.

Our Goals

We think there’s a problem in the franchise industry when the average franchise opportunity is priced too high and is too far out of reach for the vast majority of potential franchise owners. Anyone should be able to start a business. For someone who hasn’t been a business owner, there needs to be an entry-level business to start and grow. Our main goal is to bring an entirely new generation of franchise owners into franchising affordably and grow the size of the franchise industry as a result.

Meet Leo Goldberger, our passionate and experienced founder

Leo Goldberger is one of the most passionate franchisors you will come across in the franchise industry. Highly regarded for his commitment to helping entrepreneurs succeed in business, developing highly differentiated home services franchise concepts that meet a real need, and growing those brands across the country.

frost shades franchise team founderGetting his start in the construction industry in 1995, installing hardwood floors, doors and moldings, Frost Shades franchise team founder, Leo soon moved on to doing exterior and interior framing. Before he knew it, he was erecting new buildings and complexes across the United States.

But in 2008, everything changed. The housing market collapsed, and the economy entered the Great Recession. Leo’s business, like so many others in the construction industry, was hit hard. Leo had to close his company’s doors, lay off hundreds of employees, and begin again.

“In 2007, I was building huge buildings in New York City, and I had a company with 450 employees, and by 2008, I had a company with one employee – I lost it all,” Leo says. “Those were terrible times. It took me several months to get over it, but I knew I had to do something else.”

In 2010, Leo had the idea for a drywall company called The Patch Boys. By 2015, Leo had proven the business model and started franchising. It was a great hit with entrepreneurs, and it rapidly grew to over 100 locations across the country. In 2019, The Patch Boys was purchased by BELFOR Franchise Group.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Leo’s passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed in business led him to create several more home services brands. The latest is Frost Shades, the nation’s only residential and commercial window tinting franchise. With the demand for window tinting services continuing to rise, Frost Shades is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to own a simple business specializing in one service – and because of that, the ability to capture an outsize market share and benefit from high profit-potential is strong.


“I love niche businesses that focus on providing a service that everyone needs,” Leo says. “I don’t want a business that does 100 different things. It’s far easier to master a simple business, and the consumer has far more trust in a business that specializes in one thing. With Frost Shades franchise, you’re focusing on providing custom solutions to home and business owners, whether it’s privacy, protection against UV rays, reducing electricity bills, we provide beautiful treatments that look great and do exactly what they’re supposed to do. It’s a simple business that’s affordable for the customer and offers high-margins for our franchise owners. It’s a win-win.”

Now, as Frost Shades is beginning to expand across the country, Leo is excited about the prospect of helping entrepreneurs improve their lives and realize their full potential.

“I fell in love with franchising after the success of The Patch Boys,” Leo says. “I love helping people become successful. I have so many stories of helping an entrepreneur go from nothing to vastly improving their quality of life. I want to sell franchises to hungry people. You have to be as hungry as I am. If you’re hungry, we will give you all the resources you need to succeed.”

Read About Our Experienced Frost Shades Franchise Leadership Team

In addition to Goldberger, Frost Shades is led by three other highly experienced franchise professionals

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Thomas Scott, COO – Thomas has worked in franchising as a multi-unit franchisee, franchisor, and highly rated franchise industry vendor for more than twenty years. Thomas franchised Showhomes, the country’s largest home staging franchise and grew it to over 100 locations before selling the company in 2008. He has been a multi-unit franchisee in three franchise systems: Showhomes, Woops Macaroons, and Just Love Coffee. As a franchisor, Thomas has led operations,  training, and consumer marketing teams. He is a strong leader in generating leads for franchisees, helping them grow successful businesses. He also believes in running franchise owner-centric systems treating franchisees as respected members of the team. Thomas was responsible for increasing franchisee revenue by over 280% during his tenure. Thomas is also the founder and CEO of Brand Journalists, a franchise development agency.

Curt Swanson, CXO –Curt has 5+ years of experience in franchising as he was a co-founder and COO of The Patch Boys from 2015 until June 2020. He also has a diverse background in business coaching, allowing him to motivate and assist franchise owners with all aspects of a business to achieve their goals.

Chris Woodall – Technical and Mechanical Support- Chris has a thorough background working in HVAC for most of his career. He is based in Nashville, TN, and he focuses on ensuring all franchise owners are well-equipped and ready for success. Not only does Chris provide around-the-clock support, but he also operates a Frost Shades franchise in the Franklin, TN area.


Now that you’ve met the Frost Shades franchise team, are you ready to join us?

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