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Market For Window Film Usage Growing Exponentially

Demand for residential and commercial window tinting and specialty films driving substantial industry growth

According to research firm Grandview View Research, the market for residential and commercial window tinting is expected to grow exponentially, driven largely by advances in film technology and global demand for more energy-efficient homes and offices. Here’s what the company commented:

The global window film market size was valued at USD 9.83 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8% from 2020 to 2027. Increasing demand for window film from the automotive and construction sectors due to its ability to reduce glare and protection against UV rays is expected to boost the market growth.

Why the demand for Residential Window Tinting is growing

There are some specific reasons for growth including the following:

Homeowners Value Privacy – as urban construction and real estate development put home closer together, not all windows give a comfortable level of privacy. Decorative films have come a long way and go far beyond simple frosted glass. Technology for Dichroic films, designs, stained glass alternatives, and other specialty films allow homeowners to avoid costly window treatments in favor of keeping a window as bright as possible. Positioning decorative films as a viable and cost-effective alternative to expensive window treatments opens up new markets for installers like Frost Shades.

Energy Efficiency is Popular – energy-efficient glass windows are very expensive and window films can make even the most builder-grade windows substantially more energy-efficient. Tinting today is much more advanced than tinting from even a decade ago, and a tinting or UV Glare tint on a house can often reduce AC bills by 30%, making it popular and easy to sell to clients.

Commercial Use if Growing – glass, open office spaces are the rage in the US and with the open comes a new set of privacy issues. Business owners are using decorative films to provide partial privacy and improve the look of their spaces from designed frosted films to colorful dichroic films, the market for commercial films is expanding.

No matter where you operate a window tinting business, there are opportunities to create new markets for specific film usages, making now an excellent time to start a Frost Shades window tinting franchise in your area.


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