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Why Every Window Needs UV Tinting

Radiation and direct sunlight fades floors, walls and furniture

Window tinting has come a long way since the 1990s!

You might think that tinting your windows means you have to make them dark, ruin your view or otherwise destroy your favorite part of your house.

You’d be wrong!

Today’s advanced tints might look blue or silver – even dark – when you hold them up against a white wall but on a window, you would never know your windows were tinted.

So if they don’t look dramatically different, why us a UV tint?

Here’s what an untinted window does to a room in less than a year:


Simple, affordable window tinting avoids this type of fading and is healthier for your skin.

The market for installing UV films is huge – literally every home with windows exposed to direct sunlight could benefit from them!



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